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This is a partial list of redirects from main namespace to commonly used Wikivoyage-namespace pages that are currently technically in breach of policy.

Shortcuts to policy pages
Actual page name Shortcuts
Wikivoyage:Abbreviations abbr
Wikivoyage:Arrivals lounge arrivals
Wikivoyage:Naming conventions (Article naming conventions) anc
Wikivoyage:Article status as, article status
Wikivoyage:Article status stats stats
Wikivoyage:Article skeleton templates at
Wikivoyage:Avoid negative reviews anr
Wikivoyage:Be fair bf
Wikivoyage:Breadcrumb navigation crumb, crumbs
Wikivoyage:Collaboration of the month cotm
Wikivoyage:Copyleft copyleft, copyright, copyrights, copyvio
Wikivoyage:Consensus consensus
Wikivoyage:Destination of the month dotm, otbp
Wikivoyage:Destination of the month candidates/Banners dotm banners
Wikivoyage:Don't tout dt, tout, detout
Wikivoyage:Don't tout (Marketers and SEOs sub-section) SEO
Wikivoyage:External links el, xl, extlink
Wikivoyage:External links#What not to link to what not to link to
Wikivoyage:Goals and non-goals goals
Wikivoyage:Geographical hierarchy geographical hierarchy, gh
Wikivoyage:Geographical hierarchy#Dividing geographical units 7+2
Wikivoyage:How to (index of all "How to" articles) how to, howto
Wikivoyage:Avoid HTML html
Wikivoyage:Image policy ip
Wikivoyage:Jargon jargon
Wikivoyage:Keep Wikivoyage fun fun
Wikivoyage:Links to disambiguating pages dp, ldp, dablink
Wikivoyage:Links to Wikipedia wp
Wikivoyage:Listings listings, listingify, al
Wikivoyage:Listings#Apartment listings apartment listings, apartment rentals, apt
Wikivoyage:Listings#Tour listings tour
Wikivoyage:Local spam blacklist spam, blacklist
Wikivoyage:Manual of style mos, style
Wikivoyage:No real world threats nrwt, nlt
Wikivoyage:One-liner listings 1liner
Wikivoyage:Plunge forward pf, plunge forward
Wikivoyage:Policies policy, PO, Policy outline
Wikivoyage:Recent changes patrol patrol
Wikivoyage:Requests for comment rfc
Wikivoyage:Section headers sh
Wikivoyage:Sex tourism policy stp, sex tourism
Wikivoyage:Shortcuts shortcuts, shortcut
Wikivoyage:Star nominations starnom
Wikivoyage:The traveller comes first tcf, ttcf
Wikivoyage:Time and date formats tdf
Wikivoyage:Travellers' pub pub
Wikivoyage:Use boldface to call out important topics bold
Wikivoyage:Use italics for emphasis italics
Wikivoyage:Use of pronouns fpp
Wikivoyage:Vandalism in progress vip
Wikivoyage:Votes for deletion vfd
Wikivoyage:Votes for undeletion vfu
Wikivoyage:What is an article? wiaa, wia, na
Wikivoyage:Welcome, business owners wbo
Wikivoyage:Welcome, newcomers welcome
Wikivoyage:Where you can stick it wycsi, where you can stick it
Wikivoyage:Wiki wiki
Wikivoyage:Words to avoid wta
Wikivoyage:Cooperating with Wikipedia wikipedia